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Pace&Go deliver life changing wellness workshops across the UK. Jenny & Wayne are industry leading qualified fitness & health professionals. They are passionate about optimising the performance, health & happiness of people in the workplace.  They have expertise in movement, nutrition, injury rehabilitation and stress reduction. They have also delivered Back Care and Wellbeing workshops for over 10 years to the Metropolitan Police and are looking forward to improving the wellness of your employees!


What we offer: 

Our wellbeing programs include full day or half day wellness workshops, designed to meet the needs of each individual workplace; covering a variety of health & wellness topics. Or try our interactive one-hour focus workshops covering one of the below topics. Pace&Go also offer ‘The Wellness Hour’ consultation for key employees please email training@paceandgo.co.uk for further information.


Stress management and cortisol:

Stress accounted for 35% of work-related ill health cases and 14.6 million lost days in the UK in 2015. Employers know that stress is what drives us to meet deadlines, solve problems, pursue a career, and even get to work on time! In these instances, stress is not harmful, but helpful and necessary, and helps us to be productive and efficient. But when you become overwhelmed with too many deadlines, too many problems to solve, too many tasks with not enough time to complete them, you set off a vicious cycle. You become less motivated to excel, your work suffers, you lose pride in your work, stress increases, leading to further demotivation and health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, depression, headache, indigestion, frequent colds and flus, infertility, low back pain, neck pain, and much more.

This course explains causes, symptoms and strategies for coping with stress, leading to reduced work absence, increased productivity and healthier, happier employees.


Principles of Health:

The principles of health are maintaining an internally and external health by avoiding or reducing stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs and a junk food rich nutrition. What is is also key is rest, work life balance and regular exercise to maintain a spiritual, happy and productive life.



We rarely give enough consideration to food when we consider factors that effect workplace performance. Food has a direct influence on our cognitive performance. For instance, a poor lunch choice can ruin energy levels and concentration for an entire afternoon. Food helps fuel us through endless emails, long meetings, late deadlines and the mid afternoon energy slump.

Pace&Go Employee wellness workshops will equip your employees with the knowledge to boost energy, concentration, sleep and brain power to sharpen mind and mood. As well as nutrition for weight management and health concerns. We will inspire and educate your employees with key nutrition principles, healthy meal plans, nutrition habits, macronutrient guidelines and will simply explain when to eat and what to eat to perform at their best throughout the working day; and even explain how to feed a hangover.



The sedentary nature of many jobs means that to improve posture and avoid injury we need to educate and provide your team with support strategies to change sitting habits & encourage exercise and movement. Business loses 4.9 million working days a year because of back pain at the cost of £5bn to the economy, according to latest figures. 4 out of 5 adults will experience back pain, this epidemic is due to employees sitting for an estimated six hours a day. The commonly seen kyphotic, or rounded upper back is due to people hunching over laptops, PC’s and smart phones. Studies have shown prolonged periods of sitting increase the risk of obesity, diabetes by 112% and heart disease by 147%.

Pace&Go are qualified sports scientists and sports injury specialists, they will provide employees with a postural assessment, prescriptive stretches and movements to reduce pain and improve posture and deliver strategies to move more and sit less.


Back Care:

The human body is not designed for long periods of sitting and today, more than ever, people make their living from a seated workstation. The prolonged sitting encourages flexion through the spine and allows the back muscles to become weak. Poor posture when standing for long periods also has a negative effect on the spine, much the same as in prolonged sitting. The effects of weak postural muscles cause the body to slump allowing forward protrusion of the head, depressed chest, excursion of the diaphragm and an over developed and weak thoracic region.

Pace&Go they will explain the causes behind back pain and deliver a master class focusing on reducing pain, strengthening imbalances and increasing specific flexibility.


Fitness and Movement:

The human body was designed to move and muscles never work in Isolation. Every day function is integrated and multi-dimensional, whether movements are domestic, work related or for performance. To partake in everyday activities, we need a combination of mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and balance.

Fitness experts Pace&Go have a variety of workouts to offer employees and a specific session will be tailored to your needs. This may include core stability session that can be performed in a suit without breaking a sweat, a team building partner circuit is great fun , or you may want to experience a high intensity group training session.


The wellness workshop can be delivered onsite or at designated training location. Group numbers can be discussed, employees of all abilities will gain from the workshop. Providing employee wellness is an investment in both your employees’ health, and your company’s future.



Contact us for more information regarding services, prices and availability.


“Alan asked me to pass on his thanks to you both for a great session yesterday. Everyone had such a great time and it was lots of fun. We’re still laughing now.”

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