Bring Health, Fitness and Wellness Into The Safety of Your Home with Pace&Go IG Live

Pace&Go understand how important it is to look after your physical and mental health in these challenging times.

The fitness couple are brining a weekly real time IG Live 60 minute WEDNESDAY WORKOUT  your way at 7pm (BST) through Jenny’s IG account: https://www.instagram.com/jennypacey/?hl=en

or Wayne’s account https://www.instagram.com/officialwayneg/?hl=en

Bringing you a multi muscle workout, designed to stretch and activate your body with 30 mins of yoga, infusing strengthening and stretching vinyasa’s. Followed by 30 mins of functional strength training, using body weight or a dumbbell.

The workout is for all fitness levels, using a timing system so you can work to your own intensity. With Jenny demonstrating the regressed body weight version of each exercise. Wayne will take those with dumbbells through the weighted version of each exercise.


Fitness Space Henley  https://fitnessspace.com/henley  are kindly sponsoring the weekly workouts. If your ready to bring some positive energy into your wednesday Pace&GO  are looking forward to training you !


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