Pace&Go launch new beginners fitness program with Grokker

Pace&Go launch a new 3 week online training program fir beginners calle 21DayAthlete with Grokker:


Use discount code paceandgo99 after your first two week trial.

The new series teachers you how to execute the perfect squat, how to do a full push up, activate your core during a crunch and build your fitness foundations.


Jenny Hosts the National Fitness Awards 2017!

Jenny hosted the eight National Fitness Awards, recognising the achievements and excellence in all corners of the fitness industry.  The annual awards are organised by Script Events in partnership with WorkOut magazine.

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Fitness Duo help launch new Daily Fitness Gym in Prague!

Jenny and Wayne flew out to Prague last week to shoot a fitness video for the launch of

Using the fitness stars put together this workout media:



Jenny & Wayne On Court At The Boodles With Play Brave!

Jenny & Wayne  enjoyed a fabulous day of Tennis and Champagne at  The Boodles,  Stoke Park. The fitness couple were

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Jenny Talks To Women’s Health Magazine About Nutrition and Training

Wonder Woman is breaking box office records and the Amazon Warriors are inspiring girls around the world to be strong

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Wonder Woman Stars in the Daily Mail!

Meet the amazon warriors!

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Jenny Is Interviewed By Cosmopolitan Magazine!

Jenny Talks all things Wonder Woman, training with swords and getting her role as an amazon warrior in the block

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Find Out How Jenny Got Fighting Fit For Wonder Woman in Health&Fitness Magazine

Jenny stars in the new Hollywood Blockbuster Wonder Woman as an amazon warrior! Health&Fitness interview athlete and actress Jenny about

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Slam-Fit launches today!

Slam- Fit Launches today – GET THE EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT NOW – available for a limited time only.

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Pace&Go launch Wellness month with Grokker and Bloomingdales!

Jenny & Wayne help launch Grokker’s wellness month with Bloomingdales: Click here for free access to workouts and experts

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Jenny Is A Warrior Cover Star!

Homegrown Warrior from Lincoln, Jenny talks Hollywood, her career, sport and new Grokker Fitness program ! Train & Transform:

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Pace & Go & Grokker Are Collaborating To Launch The #Momstrongchallenge

Pace & Go  & Grokker are collaborating to launch the #Momstrongchallenge on May 1 to June 1 ……Are you up

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Jenny Talks Weight Loss And Weight Management

Jenny interviews obesity specialist Dr David Rogerson to gain an scientific insight into weight loss and management : Part 1:

Beach squat

Helpful Healthy Holiday Advice

Helpful Healthy Holiday Advice When you’ve looked forward to your dream sun soaked summer holiday for so long, the last

Be positive

Is Cortisol Developing Your Stress Belly and Prematurely Ageing You?

What Is Cortisol? Your brain interprets an emotion as a message to act. Feeling angry, anxious,  fear, guilt, sadness, jealousy


 Fit Tips for the fitness novice to the fitness fanatic.

Maintaining a successful fitness program comes down to mastering the basics and developing a realistic routine! Below are some essential

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Pace&Go’s 7 min HIIT Grokker workout is featured on the greatist!

7 Minutes and 13 Moves Are All You Need for a Hard-Core Workout See what the Greatist had to say:

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Wayne is on the cover of PT Magazine

Wayne Gordon is the man of a million talents! read his insightful interview in

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Train like an athlete! with Jenny for Cope Active.

Jenny shares her training secrets with Cope Active readers:  

What I Eat In A Day: Jenny launches new YouTube video

Welcome to my Jenny’s new channel SweatAndChampagne & new video What I Eat in a Day.

The Olympian turned health and fitness guru believes that healthy is happy. Life is about balance, her YouTube channel is all about how Jenny stay’s fit & healthy; but also enjoy’s having a really fabulous time outside of the gym!

In this video, Jenny shows you what she eats throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks! She is passionate about eating whole, real foods that make me feel good 🙂