Pace&Go Philosophy

We know we look fitter than the average person but you too can get the body you’re dreaming of if you invest some time looking after your health, wellness, fitness and nutrition.

Many people often come to us because they have lost sight of their health in an endeavor to build their wealth. If you spend some time on a weekly or daily basis on your fitness then you’re investing not just in your health but also in your future. You will feel happier and look better, as well as enjoying the health benefits from regular exercise and a positive lifestyle change that can be achieved. Make little positive changes everyday and you will soon feel and see the benefits!

Jenny and Wayne believe in the rule of 5 – Exercise, Nutrition, Posture, Resistance training and maintaining a Positive mind-set.

joint-jump.1 Exercise

Working out should become part of your weekly routine so you need to make an effort to do 5 workouts a week. They don’t need to be long, you can exercise for 15 intense minutes, in the morning, a power walk at lunchtime or a personal training session after work and you’ll really give your metabolism a boost, increase your calorie burn and improve your fitness and strength levels.

Mix up your training and you will keep seeing results, try to include multi muscle group exercises; such as squat and press. This will tone and sculpt your whole body and to give you maximum calorie burn and fat blasting so you’ll see fantastic results. Include Cardio training, stretching, strength, core training and speed work to keep your body guessing and maintain your motivation.

2 Nutrition

Try to eat 5 meals a day. Always have breakfast, a mid morning snack to keep you going, a big lunch, a mid afternoon snack to stop the mid-afternoon energy slump and then a well balanced dinner. Eating regularly will keep your blood sugars balanced, reduce any cravings and regulate your hormones. Jenny & Wayne eat 6-7 meals a day!

Try to eat clean unprocessed foods like porridge for breakfast rather than processed sugary cereals. Ensure you include a protein portion with every meal, such as egg whites at breakfast with oatmeal. For a healthy snack, go for a handful of nuts & blueberries rather than a chocolate bar full of fat and sugar. For dinner a grilled Chicken breast is a much better choice than processed chicken nuggets.

Make sure you fill up on at least 5 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day. Spinach, raspberries, red peppers, apples and pears are all high in fibre and nutrients and usually low in calories so they’re great to snack on or as part of a balanced meal. Your body can’t mobilise fat unless it’s properly hydrated so make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

Try to do this 5 days a week and then relax and have some treats and enjoy your self for 2 days a week. Its not all protein shakes and bananas for Pace&Go! They usually go out for long lunches at the weekend, have some cake and enjoy a glass/bottle of wine! Its all about finding and maintaining the right balance.

3 Resistance Training

Once you commit to doing something like working out, the worst thing you can do is stop. You should also avoid thinking about weight loss and change your mind-set so that you’re focusing on fat loss, not weight loss.

Remember muscle is denser than fat! If you increase your muscle mass, then you’ll raise your metabolism and burn more calories even when you’re not doing anything. The way to change and sculpt your physique is to incorporate resistance training as part of your weekly workouts.

A Note from Jenny: Ladies please don’t think you will get big and bulky from doing weights! I hear this all the time and its very frustrating. Unless you are predisposed to high testosterone levels (think elite athlete) it is very difficult to build bulky muscle. The right exercises , super-seted in the right way will create a lean, toned, strong and slim physique. The more lean muscle you have the higher your metabolism and the easier it is to maintain a lower body fat and consistent weight.

4 Posture

Most of us spend our days in slumped position, either in front of a computer, TV or slouching behind the wheel of a car, we’re all reverting back to a cave man posture, So remember to sit tall and proud. Postural defects can cause many common problems, including back pain, migraines, knee problems to name a few. . As much as possible try to sit with both feet flat on the floor, do not cross the legs; this can cause twisting in the hips. Most people cross the same leg over and end up with one tighter side . If you often carry a heavy bag, or child make sure you swap the arm you use every 20-30 mins, so you use each side of the body equally. . Did you know that after 20 minutes your body will set its self in the position you are sat in! we encourage clients to take a bathroom break every hour and enjoy a glass of water, take phone calls standing up and try to move around regularly if you are office bound.

Posture tips: From a standing position, look at your feet and make sure they’re facing forward and not turned out or in. Move to your mid-section and subtly pull your belly button in towards the spine. Moving up the body softly squeeze your shoulder blades together to avoid the caveman look or rounded shoulders. Now lift your chin making sure its not protruding forward and walk tall so that you’re not stooping or slouching.

5 Be Positive

Set yourself goals that are realistic and achievable for you whether it is to drop a dress size or create a flat tummy, work with what you have and create a healthier, fitter and happier you.

Try a goal pyramid, set your self a long term goal and then build back the steps to success.

Remember, “thoughts become feelings and feelings become actions” so have positive thoughts, be stubborn against resistance and be determined in your goals…by doing this you will be amazed with what you will achieve!