Brand ambassadors 

Pace&Go are passionate about the brands with which they associate. As brand ambassadors globally, for prestigious organisations in the health and fitness industry, Pace&Go’s endorsement has had a resounding impact. Namely, leading supplement brand USN welcomed a 120% increase in sales within a year of Jenny and Wayne representation and promotion of the brand. The professionalism of Jenny and Wayne is reinforced by  Icon Fitness testimonial:

“ICON Health and Fitness hired Jenny and Wayne over the past year to act as our brand ambassadors and expert advisors. Amongst other things, they have fronted a number of videos for us (known as Jogcasts), they have represented our brand at a number of events for consumers and the media and they have acted as spokespeople in our press materials. We’ve loved working with them. Not only have they been highly professional and polished, but the friendly and engaging way they bring our products to life has been a real asset. Thanks for all your hard work Jenny and Wayne!”

Stuart Palmer, National Sales Manager, ICON Health and Fitness.

In addition to brand endorsement, Jenny and Wayne are able to provide consultation for health and fitness promotional materials. In association with  Shock Absorber Jenny lead a breast awareness campaign, provided imagery, video and written content. Jenny and Wayne are able to offer the unique combination of visual representation and theoretical understanding. The ability to provide a combination of knowledge, understanding and desired visual representation makes their services desirable in the development of brands and initiative alike. They simply offer ‘The full package’. Testament to this Jenny’s role as promotional lead (fhe face and body) for Shock Absorber’s ‘Summer Body Campaign’, in combination with a health and fitness seminar series for company employee’s.