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Train like an athlete! with Jenny for Cope Active.

Jenny shares her training secrets with Cope Active readers:  

What I Eat In A Day: Jenny launches new YouTube video

Welcome to my Jenny’s new channel SweatAndChampagne & new video What I Eat in a Day.

The Olympian turned health and fitness guru believes that healthy is happy. Life is about balance, her YouTube channel is all about how Jenny stay’s fit & healthy; but also enjoy’s having a really fabulous time outside of the gym!

In this video, Jenny shows you what she eats throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks! She is passionate about eating whole, real foods that make me feel good 🙂


Get fit in 2017: Join Grokker for free this month and workout at home with Pace&Go

Join Grokker for free this month by clicking on the link below and try Pace&Go’s new at home workout program


Jenny launches new YouTube chanel SweatAndChampagne

  SweatAndChampagne is Jenny’s exciting YouTube chanel, watch her first video Vlog exploring ‘Exercise and Anti Ageing’    

Train and Transform is a great success!

Pace&Go’s new 8 week program is one of Grokker’s most popular series and has received rave reviews! Get ready for the new year with these short, intense workouts that will transform your body and fitness.



Train & Transform Launches!!!!

  Are you ready for a total body transformation? Get ready to look and feel better than ever before. Join